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We empower the next generation of passionate young Jewish leaders to create meaningful, positive change in the world so together we can make the world a better place.

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An online space where Jewish students come for brainstorming and support as we work together to make a difference.



WIZDM offers a 6-week, paid internship program that provides you with the opportunity to gain skills and experience in areas that interest you most, such as Research and Development, Business Operations, Content Creation, Video Production, Event Planning, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Online Course Design, Digital Marketing, and more.

Learn skills to succeed

Enroll in one of our free online courses to learn the keys for success in life, business, or personal growth.


Everything you need to know to turn an idea into a successful business or social venture

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“ Nothing in your life
will ever be more meaningful
than giving of yourself
to help another. ”

“Nothing in your life will ever be more meaningful than giving of yourself to help another. ”

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