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The Nitzavim Fellowship empowers gap-year students to become confident and inspired change-makers on their college campus.

Fellowship begins November 4th

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Gain the skills and confidence to make a meaningful contribution to the Jewish community.

As a gap year student in Israel, we know that your time is precious. The Nitzavim Fellowship consists of twelve combined in-person classes at Hebrew University and virtual classes online featuring some of the greatest educators in Israel.

Through implementation of entrepreneurial tools and mindset, you will gain the knowledge needed to design and implement projects that create meaningful impact, connection and understanding on your college campus while at the same time exploring issues that you will face, such as diverse expressions of Jewish identity, anti-Semitism, and Israel. These are the life skills you need to be an impactful leader on campus and in your community.

Fellowship begins November 4th

What Our Students Say

Leadership Training Done Right

When we say you'll become a leader, we mean it. You'll learn tools for life.

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Project-Oriented Learning

With the help of our team and your peers, you'll build your own initiative. This will push you to think critically, gain a sense of purpose, and develop your communication and collaboration skills.

It’s what you need to lead and succeed.

Fun Trips and Experiences

Experience Israel from an entirely new vantage point. Join our unique and inspiring Shabbat program. Make new friends who share your values and desire to make the world a better place. They may even be going to your college next year.

Program Benefits

3 credits from Hebrew U

Receive thousands of dollars in credits from Hebrew University

Certificate of completion

Signed by the Chief Rabbi and President of Israel

Ongoing support on campus

Through our WIZDM online platform, you'll stay connected to friends and receive ongoing support from our staff for your projects

Where you'll find our graduates

Application Deadline:
October 15, 2022

Limited spots available.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want more information, drop us a note. [email protected]

Leadership Training
Done Right

When we say you’ll become a leader, We mean it.
You’ll learn tools for life.