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Orly Wahba

Orly Wahba started a non-profit called Life Vest Inside. She runs kindness programs in 50+ countries and her kindness boomerang film has been seen by over 100 million people.

Max Feber
Max Feber

Max Feber is a 21 year old entrepreneur who got a deal with Mark Cuban on season 10 of Shark Tank. He's currently in business school and simultaneously runs his own coffee company BRUW.

Joe Teplow
Joe Teplow

Joe Teplow is an entrepreneur who, at 27 years old, sold his company RebelMail for millions and started which encourages people to become a philanthropist with as little as one quarter a day.

Dylan Siegel

At the age of 6, Dylan Siegel wrote a book to raise money to help his best friend who was suffering from a rare blood disease. He raised almost $2 million and a pharmaceutical company invested $100 million into a cure which is now in clinical trials.

Adina Lichtman

Adina Lichtman is the founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock. She's collected over 1 million socks for homeless people. Adina also brings corporate executives together with homeless people creating a meaningful dialogue.

Eli Beer

Eli Beer is the founder and president of United Hatzalah. He has reimagined first response by training EMT volunteers to respond to local calls using ambucycles to keep people alive until official help arrives.

Yehuda Kaploun

Yehuda Kaploun is the President of Watergen USA, an Israeli based company that creates drinking water from thin air. In recent years, their water trucks have been to every major disaster zone in the world including the 9/11 rescue efforts.

What Students Are Saying

"This course not only showed me the skills necessary to start a business but also important lessons for life."
Shira M.
"I now understand the power of my beliefs... With a more positive mental state, I can achieve more and not let any obstacles undermine the power of my belief."
Freddie B.
"This course has boosted my confidence and given me a lot of very valuable information that I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere."
Mazal Z.
"The course was incredible and left me thinking of ways I can help others and not just walk away from the problems of the world... really done so well!"
Don K.


  • You Can Inspire the World
  • Welcome Survey
  • Download the Optional Exercises
  • Lesson 1: What Does Your Future Hold?
  • Let’s Hear From You
  • Lesson 2: The Power of a Chocolate Bar
  • Lesson 3: If You Think You Can, You Can
  • Lesson 4: The 4 Minute Mile
  • Lesson 5: The Belief Cycle
  • Lesson 6: Deed of the Day
  • Lesson 7: You Matter
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • Lesson 1: The Success Formula
  • Let’s Hear From You
  • Lesson 2: Step 1 – Own Your Stuff
  • Lesson 3: Step 2 – Visualize Your Outcome
  • Lesson 4: Step 3 – Live a Committed Life
  • Lesson 5: A Quick Way To Find Your Why
  • Lesson 6: Step 4 – Work Smart, Work Hard
  • Lesson 7: Step 5 – System of Values
  • Lesson 8: Stay True To Yourself
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • A Muslim Woman Saving Lives with United Hatzalah
  • Lesson 1: Live a Meaningful Life
  • Let’s Hear From You
  • Lesson 2: Our Responsibility To The World
  • Lesson 3: The World of Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 4: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 5: What is Social Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 6: Making Water Out of Thin Air
  • Lesson 7: Small Acts Matter
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • The Covid Tracker
  • Taking on the World of Hunger
  • Lesson 1: Failure Breeds Success
  • Let’s Hear From You
  • Lesson 2: From Rags to Riches
  • Lesson 3: Success Is Right Around the Corner
  • Lessons From The Tank
  • Lesson 4: Fail Often, Fail Forward
  • Lesson 5: From Failure to Success
  • Lesson 6: A Little Chutzpah Can Change The World
  • Lesson 7: Forget The Fear
  • Lesson 8: Learning from Failure
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • A Simple Solution That’s Saving the Environment
  • Lesson 1: Ready. Set. Go!
  • Let’s Hear From You
  • Lesson 2: Start Young
  • Lesson 3: The Lean Startup
  • Lesson 4: Mentor Roundtable
  • Lesson 5: Getting Your Project Off The Ground
  • Lesson 6: A Simple Act of Kindness Is a Big Win!
  • Lesson 7: The Science of Kindness
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • The Chicken Lady
  • Lesson 1: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Lesson 2: From Inspiration to Action
  • Feedback Survey


The Social Impact Initiative is a place for teens and young adults from all backgrounds to gain the tools, skills, and mentorship to empower them to become successful business leaders and social entrepreneurs who can effectuate change and increase kindness in the world. Throughout this course, you’ll learn to believe in yourself and recognize that you have something positive you can contribute to the world; whether it be through starting a Social Impact Initiative or as simple as engaging in meaningful acts of kindness.

If you want to learn how to be successful in any area of your life, this course is for you. We’ll teach you how to dream big, set realistic goals, and make a positive impact on the world one step at a time. Whether you’re motivated to change the world or just want to improve your own personal life, this course is for you.

Yes! This course is 100% free. It is funded by a generous philanthropist who is dedicated to furthering the success of Jewish youth.

Throughout this course, you’ll hear directly from our mentors about their experiences in coming up with their own initiatives and the challenges they faced along the way. Also, by joining this course, you’ll get free access to our online community where you can post questions and get advice and support from mentors to help you along your journey.

If you wanted to power through the entire course in one sitting, you’d be able to complete it in under two hours. However, we recommend spreading out your learning over 7-10 days. Don’t worry about losing your place in the platform – the system is designed to bookmark your progress.

This course is completely asynchronous, which means you can watch the videos and answer the questions on your own time, whenever works best for you.

The Social Impact Initiative is designed for middle school, high school, or college students. The course is not just for the “elite” few students who have super creative and ambitious ideas; it’s for everyone – because everyone can make an impact.

Of course! Going through this program can help you tap into discovering your passion. Once you discover your passion, you just may stumble on an idea to impact positive change that’s been inside of you this whole time.

Great question! Once you complete the course you’ll receive an official Certificate of Completion that will look awesome when applying for college. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a virtual meeting with one of our mentors to share your thoughts, ask questions and perhaps receive advice on a current project you’re working on or thinking of working on.

Yes. We also offer a course called Mastering Social Impact which is a more intense class that provides the “meat and potatoes” of taking an idea and bringing it to life. The course is broken into 6 Modules from developing an idea, to market and industry analysis, to brand identity, program development, team building, fundraising and more. At the end of each Module, you’ll receive a worksheet which will help you put what you’ve learned into practice.


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Mastering Social Impact

Everything you need to know to turn an idea into a successful business or social venture.

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PS. Want to connect with friends and mentors who also want to make an impact? Check out our exclusive online community.

Mastering Social Impact

Everything you need to know to turn an idea into a successful business or social venture.

Live Your Passion.
Elevate Your Game.

Already have a Wizdm account?

You're all set!

Start Learning

PS. Want to connect with friends and mentors who also want to make an impact? Check out our exclusive online community.