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About Nitzavim

In 2016, Henry Schwartz closed New York City’s last dairy, Elmhurst. This wasn’t easy; Elmhurst had been in his family over 90 years, since his father and uncle hand-bottled and delivered milk to Queens and Brooklyn in a truck full of ice blocks. The cows had long since gone, but a famous tradition had ended…

…Until 2017 when Elmhurst reappeared as, the most innovative plant-based food company in the world, How could a committed dairyman like Henry make this shocking change?

Henry was concerned, but also intrigued by a steady decline in dairy consumption and the changing American diet. More and more people were eating healthier, adopting plant-based alternatives, and becoming mindful of environmental impact. So was he.

Henry’s ongoing concern for making the world a better place resulted in the establishment of  The Seven Schwartz Brothers Leadership Trust. Its mission is to inspire and empower a growing generation of Jewish communal leaders, teachers and business entrepreneurs – arming them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectuate meaningful change in themselves, their communities and the world.  

That is the goal of the Nitzavim Fellowship.  We want students to become leaders and advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. To do that, they must learn the fundamentals of leadership and entrepreneurship and be empowered and supported throughout their journey. 

You can make the difference.  Welcome to Nitzavim.